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Adults Adventure Course

We have four large circuits within our Adult Adventure Course, containing a mixture of approximately 10-17 different obstacles & ziplines progressing in height & difficulty as you make your way through the courses. They range from rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges & suspended “surprises”!

Giant Racing Zip Lines

Giant Racing Parallel Ziplines

Our Giant Racing Ziplines are a great way to have some fun with a partner, friend, colleague, family member or whomever! The two (600′) ziplines are parallel to each other so you can race, zipline, and have a good time in the trees together!

Kids Course (9-11)

Children naturally know how to climb and scramble across obstacles, and our Kids Course gives them the practice of managing their own safety lines and movement while honing their physical skills. Kids ages 9-11 can complete the first two of four courses on the Adventure Course. 

Little Ninja Course (5-8)

The Little Ninja Course has over 20 obstacles and is the perfect place to take any kid for a day or exploring and adventure! The obstacles are on the ground, and similar to the obstacles on the Adventure Course, they range from swinging ropes, monkey bars, balancing elements, and much more. The Little Ninja Course is a fun and unique experience that will let any kid’s imagination run wild!

Stay and Play

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