****1/1/2022 Update****

We have no COVID-19 restrictions.

****5/13/2021 Update****

If guests are un-vaccinated and near other guests, please consider wearing a mask.

****3/1/2021 Update****
We recommend that our guests wear masks when in close proximity to our staff and our staff will mask up if in close proximity to guests. In addition, we clean our gear after use.

****5/1/2020 Update****

FLG X resumes operations tomorrow May 2, 2020. Please book online to ensure your spot! Our COVID protocols are listed HERE (We have removed the PDF as our protocols have changed)

****4/1/2020 Update*****

As of today, FLG X will suspend operations temporarily to allow people to comply with the request to stay at home. We are sad about this, but understand it is for the best. Please consider purchasing a gift certificate so that when we resume operations you can play in the trees once again. Thank You.

****March 20, 2020****

COVID-19 Corona Virus Information
Flagstaff Extreme (FLG X) is committed to safety. At FLG X the health and safety of our guests and employees have always been our first priority. To ensure that our guests and employees are able to continue to operate normally as the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation develops, we want to keep everyone as informed as possible.

There are no know cases locally and we will remain open as we take preventative measures.

Measures FLG X will be taking include:

-Clean gear and harnesses as appropriate as determined by the manufacturer
-Keep our communal spaces and office clean and sanitary at all times.
-Continue to wash our hands regularly and after contact with gear.
-Practice social distancing
-Provide Hand Sanitizer
-Limit bookings per hour to 20 for each course (down from 26-30 per course)
-During the video portion of the briefing, we will ask guests to leave some distance between each other
-Utilize our open outdoor environment to provide plenty of space
–Follow State and County advice

Measures our guests should be taking include:

-If you don’t feel well, please reschedule
-Keep a distance between yourself and others
-Use good hygiene and wash your hands with soap
-Do not touch other guests gear (which is already a rule)
-Do not touch your face

Please keep high spirits and know that FLG X is proud to be a part of this community. We operate in an outdoor environment that our staff and our guests can have fun and yet be mindful of the current health concerns. As new information is received we may update our protocols and policies.

Questions can be texted to 1.888.231.8592 or emailed to

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